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Certification renewal

It’s time to renew! Your certification expires every two years after the date it was issued. You may either progress into the next level of your certification, or you will need to complete 14 continuing education credits (CECs) to maintain your status as a certified Peak Pilates instructor.


In order to keep your certification current, you are required to complete 14 CECs every two years. Of those 14 CECs, at least 6 must be awarded from Peak Pilates. You can submit a maximum of 8 CECs from non-Peak Pilates presenters or workshops via the below Peak Pilates® Online Petition. In general, we honor 1 CEC per hour of workshop for non-Peak Pilates sessions. We do not award CECs for general fitness workshops; however, we do award CECs for Pilates-related movement, anatomy and kinesiology workshops. Please note: no refunds will be issued for any rejected petitions.


Below you'll find the Peak Pilates® Certification Fee. If you already have the 14 CECs you can order either one. Once we have received and processed your renewal request (this can take up to 2 business days) you can find your new certificate in your PEAKU instructor account.


You can also earn all 14 CECs with our online Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Recertification Exam or the Peak Pilates® Mat Recertification ExamYou are only allowed to recertify with this course once in your Peak Pilates career. If you do not pass the Recertification exam, you will need to retake the highest assessment module you’ve achieved at full price.


CECs can also be earned through our Online Learning courses.