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Peak Pilates® Continuing Education

The Peak Pilates® continuing education workshops are developed to meet the highest educational standards. They are designed by Peak Pilates® Master Instructors—leaders in the classical Pilates industry and expert fitness professionals. Peak Pilates® Certified Instructors are required to complete a minimum of 14 continuing education credits (CECs) every 2 years in order to maintain their Peak Pilates® certification.


We offer a variety of continuing education workshops at Peak Pilates® sponsored events and industry conferences. Peak Pilates® continuing education workshops are open to all Pilates professionals as well as individuals who would like to advance their Pilates practice. Peak Pilates® Certified Instructors earn CECs, which count towards the 14 CECs required to renew certification.

Online Learning

Enhance your knowledge and earn Peak Pilates® CECs from the comfort of your home with our online learning courses. Courses range from recertification exams and CEC quizzes to online courses covering a variety of topics.

Evolve CEC Program (Private Lessons)

Peak Pilates® Evolve CEC Program allows certified instructors to earn CECs by taking private lessons with Peak Pilates® Master Instructors at their facility.

PhysicalMind Courses

Peak Pilates® Certified Instructors can earn continuing education credits with digital courses from the PhysicalMind Institute: Bone Up Program (3 CECs), Parasetter® Class Package (3 CECs), and Tye4® Fusion Pilates (3 CECs). To get your 3 Peak Pilates® CECs awarded, please submit your Certificate of Completion when renewing to educationeurope@peakpilates.com