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The Fast Track to a Peak Pilates® Certification

The Level I Bridge course is the first step toward your Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification. This condensed course allows instructors who are certified through other nationally recognized Pilates organizations the ability to jump right into the Peak Pilates® Comprehensive pathway. The Level I Bridge course provides streamlined programming and flexible learning options that simplify our standard Level I coursework, setting you on the fast track to successfully growing your instructor career!

Required Prerequisites to Qualify

The Level I Bridge course was created to streamline the certification process for experienced Pilates instructors who meet a certain set of prerequisites that showcase their pre-existing knowledge and experience.


To qualify for the Level I Bridge course you must have the following prerequisites:

  • Level I Reformer Certification (16 hours)
  • Level I Mat Certification (16 hours)
  • Level I Tower (8 hours)
  • Pilates Teaching Experience (100 hours)
  • Alternative Pilates Certification (Accredited in U.S.)

A Simple and Easy Learning Experience

With the Level I Bridge you can create an easy and simple learning experience to get certified.

  • Online Course Work
  • Online Theoretical Exam
  • Practical Assessment

Advanced Mat Certification

Time: Two Days (18 hours)

The final course of the Peak Pilates® Mat Program, the Advanced Mat course builds upon the classical Pilates foundation established in the Peak Pilates®Basic and Intermediate Mat courses. The Advanced Mat course breaks down the foundational exercises and teaches advanced movements for experienced students as well as progressions and modifications for special populations. We continue refining touch techniques and effective integration of imagery, and developing an eye to see subtle alignment issues. A Peak Pilates® Advanced Mat Certificate is issued to instructors who pass all assessments and submit the required logged hours.