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Pilates Equipment


The universal reformer is the most popular piece of equipment and one of Joseph Pilates’ original inventions. It accommodates all levels of Pilates enthusiasts with its unique pulley design, gliding carriage and spring tension system that creates instability while simultaneously supporting the body.

Tower System

Providing maximum versatility with less square footage, towers combine the reformer, tower, and mat system into one apparatus, offering expanded exercise options for a total integrated workout.


The original piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates, it was used therapeutically and in time was developed with wooden bars and hanging trapezes to challenge even the most fit. It works your arms, legs, trunk and the entire body against the various spring tensions and positions.


With simple, elegant and clean design, the chair allows for a myriad of exercises to develop core, arms and leg strength, as well as balance and flexibility. Though one of the smaller pieces of Pilates equipment, it allows for some of the most challenging movements in the program.


Ideal for opening the chest and restoring the natural curve of the spine, the barrel also strengthens the powerhouse, back and shoulder muscles.