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Pilates for Cyclists | 10 June 2020

€79.59 €59.95
Pilates for Cyclists  | 10 June 2020

Pilates for Cyclists | 10 June 2020

€79.59 €59.95

Virtual Workshop description
Training on the bike isn’t enough to keep you injury-free and feeling great. Discover how Pilates can give your body a break from the saddle, restore movement to your hips and spine, create more supple and better feeling muscles, and develop your core for an additional performance edge.


Master Instructor
Zoey Trap


Date and time
Wednesday 10 June 2020
19.00 - 21.00 (Central European Time)
13.00 - 15.00 (Eastern Daylight Time)
10.00 - 12.00 (Pacific Standard Time)


Here’s what you will learn

  • Understand the effect of cycling on the body and posture and how to use Pilates as a tool for re-balancing the body
  • 3 common causes of cycling injuries and how to use Pilates to help alleviate them.
  • Critically examine the performance issues in cycling
  • Specific Pilates variations for tight bodies
  • How to properly train your core


Why take this Virtual Workshop?
Learn techniques to improve stroke efficiency, prevent injury, and help create endurance for the long ride. Develop a class with cross-over power to attract your indoor cyclists to the group exercise room. Create a cross-training class for this hardcore group that will keep them riding strong.


How it works
After you sign up you’ll get an email from our PEAKU Education Platform (this can take up to 48 hours). You can download any reference materials that are available from the Additional References tab. The Virtual Workshop will be presented via ZOOM, for which you will receive a link to start the course at the set date. All you need is your laptop (and equipment if listed about) and you are good to go!


Continuing Education Credits
2 Peak Pilates® CECs