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Pilates for the Overweight & Obese Part II - 29 January 2021


Discover how to work with larger clients using a Pilates protocol that will support the body and allow students to rediscover the joy of movement. Explore how to select, adapt, and guide Pilates exercises on the mat and apparatus to provide a full hour of movement that empowers your students and fuels their desire to do more. Unlock the door to your heart and open yourself to this rewarding work.

You and your larger students will benefit from this workshop by exploring workouts in the studio that encompass mat, reformer, and other apparatus. We will discuss how to apply our knowledge of the 4 S's and the common imbalances of an overweight body to design creative solutions that make Pilates more accessible and enjoyable.

This workshop builds on the theoretical foundation laid in Part I, however if you did not attend Part I you can fully participate.

This course is facilitated by Zoey Trap, MS, a leading authority in teaching overweight and obese clients.


29 January 2021 – 2 PEAK CECs
Master Instructor: Zoey Trap

🇬🇧 19.00 - 21.00
🇪🇺 20.00 - 22.00


Equipment Needed:
Mat and Towel. Notepad and pen for note-taking.


You will receive:

  1. A live interactive webinar that includes a PowerPoint lecture on the anatomy and physiology of lower back pain.
  2. Downloadable PPT slides.


Why take this course?

This workshop will help you take the guess work out of teaching larger bodies as you learn to:

  • Position and set up for success
  • Support your students through the creative use of props
  • Consider the impact of weight on movements of the spine, upper body and lower body
  • Progress safely
  • Touch wisely to help your students learn while protecting your own body