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Foam Rolling: From Functional to Fun - 19 February 2021


The foam roller has become a standard piece of equipment in gyms and studios across the world. However, many instructors have never been properly trained in the use, techniques, and applications of this versatile prop. This course is deigned to increase your confidence in using a foam roller effectively and safely to help your clients achieve a more holistic balance in their bodies. Discover new ways to incorporate the foam roller into your sessions and put some fun in your “fun”ctional workouts.


19 February 2021 – 2 PEAK CECs
Master Instructor: Shannon Scott Samford

🇬🇧 20.00 - 22.00
🇪🇺 21.00 - 23.00


Equipment Needed:
Mat and Towel. Notepad and pen for note-taking.


Why take this course?

You will learn how to how to use the foam roller as a prop to add fun and challenge to a client’s workout as you explore the proper techniques and rational for using a foam roller to improve movement quality, reduce muscle soreness and correct muscular imbalances.