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Release & Restore: Myofascial Bliss Out - 12 February 2021


Myofascia is the connective tissue or 'surround wrap' that connects, stabilizes and separates the muscles, as well as makes articulate movement possible. Myofascia is not a new topic and we are often told that 'rolling ourselves out' should be part of our training regime. But how many of us still don't have a release session in our training regime, or if we do, aren't really sure if we're doing it right?

This workshop will cut the myths of myofascia and provide you with a tool box of techniques to release with confidence. Discover how two tennis balls can aid the recovery, posture, and motor performance of our students and ourselves, and help reduce muscle pain. Discover how and when to use these techniques and how they can be incorporated into our Pilates teaching.


12 February 2021 – 2 PEAK CECs
Master Instructor: Jamie Isaac

🇬🇧 18.00 - 20.00
🇪🇺 19.00 - 21.00



Why take this course?

Join this workshop to learn techniques, or simply come to feel relaxed, recharged and ready to be your best.

  • Discover the principles behind myofascial. What its role is in relation to movement and recovery.
  • Discover release techniques for the entire body.
  • Learn when and when not to use release and how it can be used within a Pilates setting.
  • Discover a variety of techniques for pain management, injury recovery, post workout recovery, and sports performance.
  • Feel completely blissed out and relaxed, with a tool box of techniques for yourself and your students to benefit from.